Financial Fitness was founded and developed in the USA, UK and RSA using best practice principles extracted from each of these counties. We have been providing personal financial education for private individuals and employees of South African corporations since 1996.
Our training is provided in layman’s terms, ensuring effective implementation of the tools. Those who have taken our courses, and applied the financial planning steps, have progressed steadily towards financial independence.

Financial Wellness programmes are no longer a “Nice to have” They are essential contributors to the bottom line.

The toll that financial stress takes on employees is a global concern. Research conducted worldwide reveals that not only does financial stress make individuals sick; it costs companies millions of Rands in lost productivity each year. In the US it is estimated that 20 hours of productivity per month per employee are lost due to workers trying to deal with their financial issues, translating into $15,000 per person annually.

Employers who stay ahead of the curve will reap the benefits of more profits through better employee productivity, lower absenteeism, less work time wasted dealing with financial concerns, lower turnover and better employee health.

As the financial landscape gets more confusing and volatile, it is vital that financial education systems are entrenched in corporate cultures.

Research has conclusively proven that companies who implement financial training and wellness for their staff reap significant rewards. What’s good for your employees is good for your business!

Money Management & Debt Elimination:
Eliminates those nasty debts, once and for all.

Credit Health – Legal Debt:
We teach all the aspects on how to avoid this issue, what to do if you are approaching legal problems OR what to do if you are already in the problem (subpoena’s, judgements, garnishee’s debt counselling,.)

Wealth Planning:
Start buying investments that make your savings GROW. The investment field can be a minefield. Learning what to do adds confidence to your position going forward.

Retirement Training:
You may only retire once and most people are quite unprepared for their retirement. Come and learn all the things you need to do before, during and after retirement. Getting it wrong can be very costly.

Retrenchment Training:
You have given a lot of your life time to work at least give yourself a chance of maintaining the lifestyle you have worked so hard for.