It was enlightening and I was very impressed with the personal consultations - I am on track with my finances now and this course got me re-thinking my money, so to me it was a real eye-opener. This course changed my life in a big way with little things like interest. It makes a big difference in the long run.
I am so impresssed about the Financial Fitness course - I thought there was no repair to my finances but the input from the financial planner, Andrew gave me hope. I can see now that it is possible to solve this mess I got myself into. Financial Fitness means a lot in my life now: It is the most valuable course because it is an eye-opener as far as planning finances and retirement are concerned. I have learned how to plan for the future. I can strongly recommend that De Beers make this course available for all employees.
I enjoyed the course and it was well worth attending: Joe was very dynamic and and in consultation Andrew was very knowledgeable - I learned so much and it is one of the best courses I've been on. Normally courses are so boring to attend and one just wants to go home but not this ONE! This course made me aware of the my finances. I learned a huge amount about policies and buying houses. All the little mistakes can cost one a lot of money!
Thank you so much for a very informative course. I learnt a lot and will definitley use this good information regarding my finances in the future.
It was a good course - I got a lot of new knowledge out of it, especially from the investment part. I think I was managing my money well but was well worth attending and doing the personal consultations because now I can look after my money myself. Andrew Jones was a great consultant.
The training was good and trainer was fun - Savings and insurances I knew about - Investment part was very good and informative. I am starting to work on my plan to get to the point where I can start to invest. Thank you very much for this course.
I had a good experience on the course and it was worthwhile doing it. I have learned about things in finance that I was always suspicious about, especially when it comes to insurance brokers. The course was very relevant to me and I would actually recommend that some of my colleagues do it, or even my friends or family. It gives you incite about the financial issues. The most important thing for me was the one on one session were Andrew dealt with important issues. Thank you very much for your help.
It changes the way you look at spending your money and also advise you on how to invest money if you have any to invest after all the debt is paid up. The classes and one-on-one feedback were informative and the presenters were well informed. I always knew that I have to pay of my debt before trying to invest and the information received during these sessions confirmed that.  I am now going to put all the extra money into my bond and try to pay it off as soon as possible. I am glad my wife was involved because that gives her insight into what I am planning to do and why. I was impressed by the effort that Andrew made into summarizing our financial situation, explaining it to us and suggest ways of improvement. We done our consultation and have put our plan in action for Financial Freedom. The course highlights the importance of investing versus debt.
I thought I knew the most of the stuff in the course but it is the implementation part that was always the problem. Andrew's way of dealing with all the info was very enlightning. The suggestions in the consultations was good and meaningful. It was things I never even thought of.
Course is great andand eye-opener in terms of insurances and banks - The one-on-one consultations was very good -his advice to handle our debts and packages was interesting for me and now I am committed to stick to my plan to have more money in my pocket. I know what is required for me to retire gracefully.
We have not done our consultation yet but we will asap do a telephonic. Just the knowledge I got from the course itself, has already made my life a bit easier. Thank you so much for all the assistance and a great course. I feel much better knowing what is coming ahead and being prepared.
The financial feedback session went very well. Andrew really knows his subject matter and explained my financial situation in detail together with his recommendations. I just would like to thank all the people involved with managing the course, I would like to recommend it to all DeBeers staff.