Estie & Johann
The course was stunning. My financial matters are sorted and now I can focus on my work. We did not buy anything on credit over Christmas.
I have learned that getting rid of my debt is possible. I only have my bond and car to settle now and this gives me so much joy – I can only thank Financial Fitness for now living a debtless life.
The course was great and I learnt to handle my finances and not to be stressed about money anymore. Less stressed at work definitely. I am in control.
FF made a huge difference to our finances. We are now debt free, and now we can start investing and live our lives.
FF gave me peace of mind and I have no financial worries anymore. I think that that I can concentrate on my work.
Edith EAP
Excellent eye-opener. I am in EAP and I can use the FF guidelines in my work when employees come to me with their financial problems. I now know where to refer them to.
Aly & Gloria
I learnt a lot from the course and am practicing guidelines. I work in the Foreign Debt Management Department and I learnt a lot from the course that I can now apply at work.
I am managing better and am sticking to the plan. Being debtless definitely had a positive spin-off on my work.
What an eye-opener especially the part about policies – also the affect interest has on my finances. It definitely motivated me to work harder at work – especially in my department Economic Policy.
It was an eye-opener. I know that when I was stressed about finances I brought that stress to work with me. I used the information and applied it and now it brings me great joy.
FF brought all the financial pitfalls to my attention. I lost control of my life and finances. I know now what I want and I’ve got a plan. FF woke me up and brought discipline into my life, work and finances.
My financial plan is working. I am sleeping at night and I can now apply my mind to my work.
FF assisted me in managing my finances. I have a new positive outlook and am in control. With no financial problems I can live and work without the stress.
FF gave me a positive outlook My position has improved. The hardest part is to apply it practically. The knowledge is power. I feel that if one sleeps well and not worry about debt, I can be much more industrious at work.
Before the course I was in debt and making credit. Now I do everything cash. I did not realize how much it affected my life and work. No spending on credit anymore.
FF taught me how to budget and I am paying off my debts. Prior to the course I came to work feeling negative because the money was too little but now that I know how to budget, I realize that it was my own fault.
I now have a plan and attention can be on my work. FF made me realize in how much trouble I am. I am working on my debt situation slowly.
I found the course very informative although I knew a lot of the stuff. The consultations were useful – it showed me a lot about where we were loosing money and I learned how to plan.