The program consists of:

  • 2 easy to understand comprehensive, home study manuals.
  • Detailed, easy to follow, step by step approach.
  • Easy to follow worksheets.
  • 1 Full day of training in-house.
  • Personal one on one consultations, on appointment about a week after the seminars to help you fix all the inefficiencies and help you stop all the leakage and losses that you are incurring monthly. You will then be given an easy to follow plan that works very effectively & quickly. Knowing all the upcoming possibilities could truly be a life saver, not only for you but your family.


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Retiring Financially Fit – Before, During, and After.

This course is for the 40-year old’s and older. It will show you how to prepare for the upcoming changes in your life. It will cover all the aspects that you will have to deal with and teach you the full understanding of “ALL” the choices you have when dealing with retirement preparation. Then with that knowledge make the best possible choices for yourself and your family. Everyone wants to retire. BUT doing it the wrong way would be a disaster.



  • How to fully understand all the upcoming lifestyle changes.
  • How to ensure that if your income should stop, you need to be prepared.
  • How to stop losing money on your investments.
  • Decide between tax-deferred and after-tax savings channels.
  • How to understand all the areas of where to save.
  • Where to get the best returns on investment.
  • Understand the keys to Unit Trusts success.
  • Protect your wealth while you are building it, using estate planning.
  • Understanding all your choices, not the broker’s choices for you.
  • And much more…



  • The rules that apply to almost EVERYONE in retirement.
  • What decisions will impact your standard of living the most, today and for the rest of your life?
  • How to sustain your current standard of living.
  • The most effective way to design this plan.
  • Ways to avoid the most common retirement planning mistakes.
  • What type of lifestyle can you attain and maintain?
  • How to protect yourself against the threat of inflation.
  • The most effective tax structuring.
  • How to continue protecting your estate.
  • The types of investments you will need to achieve your lifestyle goals.
  • Which products are appropriate for “housing” these investments?