I think if I could have done this course before I started working, I would not have been in the financial mess that I am in at the moment. For instance how to buy a car and a house and look after ones money. I think all that start work at Sandvik should do this course.
It was the best course I ever attended regarding finances!
The course was very good and interesting I've learned how to save and how to invest my money.
Very good and I can manage my finances and cut down on unnecessary costs - must pay my debts and then start saving . I am disciplined and I am closing all my department store accounts and in 3 months time they will be paid-up.
The financial fitness program show me the options I have. The only way they can improve is to teach all the other employees.
The financial fitness program show me the options I have. The only way they can improve is to teach all the other employees.
I have learned how to put better control systems in place on my private banking and finances.
I know have a good understanding of budgeting and Investments and I have a "get-out-of -debt" system that works.
I think it was a great course, especially for me as I've been through a lot lately as far as finances were concerned. I have learned to do my financial planning every month and make sure you get rid of all your debt.
Debt to Wealth in a planned manner: Achievable!!! I would suggest that this workshop should be expanded to all employees in Sandvik - Create wealth.
The positive benefits I derived from this course was the understanding of how policies work and the effect of interest rate on my finances. This will make a big difference in the long run.
This course was such an eye-opener as far as my finances are concerned.
It was the best course I ever attended and I am doing all the exercises to get Financially Fit! I am trying to implement what I learned but I am still doing my homework for the consultation.
It was a good course and I wish I did it in matric before I started working. I went for my consultation and have now got a plan which I stick to to become debt free.
I want to learn more about Investments in detail - Financial Fitness do that in the Wealth Planning Part - I know now about hidden agendas of Brokers and Insurance Institutions.
The course definitely had a positive effect on my finances. I still need to sort out policies but I am getting ahead already. Saving money and start investing.
I am a better off person than yesterday. I really appreciate your input towards my Financial Fitness.
Every aspect of this course was an eye-opener towards the time frame for the years to come.
Financial Fitness taught me better ways to look after my finances.
Financial Fitness was an eye-opener regarding my finances with excellent information. I now know how to get rid of my debt and to start saving.
The course was very helpful and I think now before I make financial decisions.
I was very eager to attend - I will use the tools given to me in the course to work for me.
I have learned where to save money and how to save money also how in easy step as to get rid of ones debt fairly quickly and how to invest.
I did not think the course would give this much information. I've got a new insight on how debt affects our lives - what an eye-opener.
I am not making any further debt after this course. I am applying what I've learned and are making success in progress.
I've implemented the course and are working towards a positive outcome with my finances.
This course is valuable information and it works. The positive benefits are that one sets up a plan oneself and you receive assistance too.
What a Fantastic outcome. I did not expect it to be what it is: Fantastic. I have a greater understanding of what impact a small amount extra makes.
I've learned how we spend money and where one can save money. I learned to pay my bond of quickly and how to buy a car.
I learned so much in this one day course. It is not difficult to plan your finances to benefit you in short and long term.
I gained more insight about how to manage my debt and how to invest. I learned a lot more about insurances, car premiums, interest and repayments. My money works for me.
This course was unbelievable and very educational. It was definitely a wake-up call for me and I certainly changed quite a few things in my life.
This course is easy to follow- financial planning for dummies -I've got an easy plan for future financial security.
My first thought when enrolling for this course was that it was going to be a long course with empty promises and no action…Well the course was very beneficial for me getting rid of my debt and financial planning are now my top priorities. Thanks for all the information.
I learned to manage the amount of money I have. The benefits of the course was learning how to handle my debts and then start working on investments and to have a plan.
I really found this course very useful - I really think that all Sandvik employees need to attend this course.
The course was very good and I learned so much regarding my finances. I am glad that I could do the course - I have money in my pocket all is fine now No more account I spend just what my budget says.
This course opened my eyes -Do not have debt, buy cash only or do without it.
I know now how to manage my money and how to create wealth.
I've learnt so much -knowing when to ask questions about your money. All and all -I learned how to manage my finances.
The course was professionally presented and and I've learned a couple of things that will make a big change financially. The course was really good value and I can recommend that everybody in Sandvik do this course.